Bridging The Gaps Ministries

An Open Letter

An Open Letter to You who identify yourself as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or other Alternative Sexual orientation Lifestyle
First of all, I want to say God Loves you. I want to welcome you to our ministry website.
Second of all, I want to say that this ministry’s mission is focused towards helping bridge the gaps of misunderstanding between the Evangelical Christian Church and those who have same sex attractions.  We also exist to minister to Christian parents who are struggling to understand the sexual orientation of their children.
Third of all, our focus is for those who are do NOT want to have same gender attractions.
Fourth, our focus is on the 100% God 100% Man Jesus who died for everyone, including homosexuals.  We believe that God cares so much MORE about YOU than whatever sexual orientation you may have. We also believe that heterosexuals sin just as much as homosexuals and that the focus should not be on man’s sin (for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Romans 3:23), but that we should focus on Christ’s sacrifice for each one of us.
Fifth, we also believe that for THOSE who decide to give their lives to Jesus-  through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit – may one day have heterosexual attractions. We also believe that there may be Jesus followers who continue to struggle with unwanted same sex attractions their entire lives and freedom on the other side in  Heaven.
If you would like to have a constructive positive dialogue to understand more about our ministry and what the Bible says about sin (which we ALL have), please contact us.
Charlene Hios
Director, Bridging the Gaps Ministries