Bridging the Gaps Between the Church and Those Who Identify as Lesbian/Gay?

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Blog

The Question?

A question that many ask us here at Bridging The Gaps Ministries is ‘how do we bridge the gaps between the church and the homosexual community?’ How do we build relationships with our friends, co-workers, and loved ones who identify as lesbian or gay? How do we do this? Time and time again they ask us if we believe homosexuality is a sin. It is as if they are asking us to turn our backs on our believes, on God, or turn our backs on them.

The next time you are asked this question. Turn it around back to them. Ask them why are they asking this question when they already know your answer is “Yes, God did not design the human body for same gender sex. Anything that goes against God’s design is indeed a sin.” Ask them if they can still be in your life even if you believe a part of their behavior is against God.

If they continue to ask you about homosexuality being a sin, share with them that you believe the Bible is God’s word and you, as a follower of God, agree with what God’s word says in seven different places, that it is a sin. Then share with them that you too are a sinner, but that because you turned your life over to God, sin no longer rules you. Share with them a bit of your testimony. What sins did you turn away from? Share this with them. “I was an alcoholic, I was a liar, I was an adulterer, I was a thief . . . ” Share with them how you also took on the identity of the sin. How you thought and rationalized away that this must be how you were because you could not help yourself. Yet, when you came to a personal relationship with Christ you started to be convicted of your sin. You finally confessed it as a sin, and turned away from it and towards God.

It is not an easy road to bridge the gaps between you, part of the body of Christ, the Church, and the person who identifies as a lesbian or gay. Yet, with the power of God who gives you strength, these gaps can be bridged.

Always remember Jesus’ saving power and peace is the bridge which is why when you look at our ministry logo you see the cross of Christ Jesus (in red) as the bridge.