Welcome to Our New Website!

by | Oct 4, 2012 | News

In a world where things are changing fast it is important for us here at Bridging The Gaps Ministries to be using tools that are going to keep up with the demand, with the need. We contacted our webmaster, Jason, and asked him to help us. He led us to this design in WordPress, then he took our old website and blended it into this wonderful new location.

We are also excited to not only have the .org, we also have the .net, and the .com of BridgingTheGapsMinistries. Eventually we hope to have all possible combinations so that all entries will point to this site. It took us seven years to gather together the three site that we have however we have no set time limit as anything over what we have will be considered great.

Please click through this new site, click on the links and check out the updated videos and audios. Not only will we have media from our director, Charlene E. Hios, we hope to constantly be adding media that reflects our core beliefs.

Feel free to suggest to us videos, audios, and pictures that you believe will enhance the site as well as bring the message across that we understand that homosexuality is impacting our world in so many ways and here are things that we need to start looking at and considering as we minister compassionate Truth-telling and grace to a world impacted and affected by homosexuality.