Charlene Hios speaking at a church youth event in June 2014

In our current day and age, when the issue of homosexuality is reaching new depths both in the public and private sectors, the Church is finding herself impacted by homosexuality as well.

Every Sunday there are folks in the pews whose hearts are heavy, who struggle silently. Most times in fear of this issue they are not comfortable talking with their pastor or other leaders in the church. They know acting out sexually on their same gender attractions is wrong yet they still have the attractions. They have heard folks in the church making jokes about gays and they have heard those in leadership using hateful words on the issue. They feel they have no one to talk with and so they leave and are embraced by the gay community who accept them just as they are.

The Church is called by God to be the primary community in which life-changing transformation happens. The Church needs, perhaps more so now than ever before in this sexually charged culture, to be a place where struggling men and women—believers and non-believers—can find transforming hope in the grace of Jesus Christ. Also where family members of these strugglers can find support and hope.

The goal of Bridging The Gaps Ministries is to partner with the local churches to help them address these issues, and equip godly men and women to step into the lives of those impacted by homosexuality, sexual sin, and emotional brokenness. To step into the lives of those who have been jostled and torn between the conflicting values of society and of the Church. They need a safe Christ-like environment where truth and grace are united, where they can safely be honest about their struggles, feel welcome, and loved, and receive that grace and love and guidance to follow Jesus Christ.

Bridging the Gaps Ministries diligently works alongside the local churches providing Christ-centered resources as well as supporting, training, and equipping the Church on the matters of ministering compassionate truth-telling and grace to those impacted by homosexuality.