Just Because You Are Attracted To The Same Gender Does Not Mean You Are Gay, Okay?

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Blog

Attracted in a sexual way to some one of the same gender? Afraid you are gay? What exactly does it mean to be gay any who? Try sitting down and writing out what your definition is of gay.

Some dictionaries will say if you are attracted to the same gender you are gay. Please do not let a dictionary, whose word meanings are fluid, and constantly changing, tell you what you are. Do not let a few words in this book define who you are okay?

Most folks who have attractions to the same gender do so for oh so many different reasons. These include not having a good relationship with your same gender parent, nurturing moments missing during early childhood years, verbal and sexual abuse, and on and on I could go. And you should realize that your same gender attractions exist not only for just one reason, most times it is deeply seeded in reasons that will take some unpacking on your part.

More thoughts to come soon here . . .