TalkWithChildren-150x150One of most common questions we receive here at Bridging The Gaps Ministries is from parents who want to speak to the matter of homosexuality with their children. Most parents expressed their concern to speak with their children about homosexuality before they were taught about it in their school classrooms or from something they watched on television.



“Our kids are surrounded by a culture that attempts to teach them that homosexual behavior is acceptable, that it is a normal behavior. At home and at church we teach the only acceptable sexual behavior is the joining of a man and a woman who are married to each other. How can I talk to my kids about this when they are surrounded by a world that tells them its okay?”

I’ve spent a good deal of time, basically, the last two years, researching this question. Rather than reinvent the wheel and write something that has already been written, I  hoped to find a resource to recommend. The search ended today when I was lead to this free resource at Focus on the Family. They recently released this resource entitled How to Talk With Your Children About Homosexuality.

Click on the link below. The link will take you to the Focus on the Family page that contains this free resource. Just follow the instructions.

Please Note:

This resource does not provide information or advice about helping children or teens who have “come out” and identify as gay or bisexual, nor does it assist those who are struggling with gender confusion, or counseling those who were sexually abused and may be questioning their sexual identity.

We are working on providing those resources to you as soon as possible.

Instead, this guide is for parents addressing their children about homosexuality when it is encountered in the culture.

Continue to write to me and ask your questions. I will answer them as quickly as possible. You can email your questions at

May God’s peace be with you <><